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General information

Xemod 2010 v2.0 has been released by Mprise Tooling on January 27th, 2011. Major changes are the possibility in the Fact Model to objectify result kinds and to apply partitioning. Drawing is improved by offering the possibility to use the keyboard to move shapes and also by keeping connectors smooth linked after resizing a shape. Also other improvements are implemented: see the list below.

Fact Model

  • Objectification has been implemented now also for unary result kinds.
  • Partitioning has been implemented for result kinds and fact kinds.
  • An exclusion law can span fact kind roles of the same fact kind.

Drawing diagrams - general

  • Arrow keys can be used to move shapes. Small movements can be made by holding down the <Shift>-key at pressing an arrow key.
  • At resizing shapes that have connectors linked, the placement of the connectors after resizing the shape is improved. For example connectors between an actor shapes and transaction kind shapes will be kept straight instead of orthogonal when the actor shape is stretched.
  • Some labels can be moved independent of the related shape: names of transaction kinds, fact banks, process kind components, object classes and scales, formulations of object classes.
  • A label that is placed outside a shape can be selected by one mouse click.

Organization Construction Diagram (OCD)

  • Routing information links on Organization Construction Diagrams (OCDs) has been improved.

Process Structure Diagram (PSD)

  • In PSDs no bridges are applied anymore when causal links and conditional links.

Object Fact Diagram (OFD)

  • If a result kind or a fact kind has been objectified, the objectification can be shown or hidden on an OFD.
  • The inner role box at object classes can be selected.

Exporting to picture formats

  • Circular shapes have a better rounding when exported to SVG-format.
  • Dotted lines are exported in the correct way to SVG-format: as dotted lines.


  • At searching via the Project Explorer with a search term, also fact kind formulations are searched.

Project file

  • The path of the latest opened or saved project file is kept in memory for the next open or save action.


  • The default abstraction level when starting a new project is set to 'None'.
  • The forms to manage to contents of fact banks and to manage the use of fact kinds can be resized.
  • Data of related items can be edited from the properties from of the main item. For example on the properties form of a transaction kind the properties of the related fact banks can be edited.

Xemod Release Notes

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